4 |bookshelf.payroll.org PayrollOrg BOOKSHELF Frequently Asked Questions ARCHIVES Q. Does PayrollOrg maintain previous editions of its publications? A. Generally, only the current year publications are available. There are some exceptions. The previous year’s edition of The Payroll Source® study guide version is available. The previous year’s issues of the electronic newsletters are also available (e.g., throughout 2023, all of the 2022 issues of Payroll Currently and PayState Update are available in 2024, all the 2023 issues will continue to be available). You must connect to the internet to access them, but then you can download them and read them offline. INTERNET BROWSER AND SPEED Q. Does the PayrollOrg Bookshelf perform better using a particular internet browser? A. The most commonly used web browsers include Apple Safari, Brave, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera. You can use any of the major web browsers in a reasonably current version (check the numeric version of your browser when you open it, usually in a “settings” area). PayrollOrg does not recommend one browser over another. However, in our use and testing of the platform, our staff generally uses Chrome and Firefox. A reliable and fast browser will load pages on the PayrollOrg Bookshelf quickly and make sure features, like the Table of Contents, display correctly. Q. Is internet speed a factor in accessing the PayrollOrg Bookshelf? A. Yes. Besides your browser, you can also test the speed of your internet connection to make sure it is reasonably fast. Internet speed will tell you how much data can be transferred over the web, determine what types of activities you can do (e.g., videoconferencing, streaming videos, gaming), and whether multiple devices can connect at once. This is important whether you access the PayrollOrg Bookshelf at the office, a remote location, or at home. Search online for “internet speed test” to bring up websites that enable you to test the speed of your internet connection. DEVICE USE Q. Can I use the PayrollOrg Bookshelf on my computer and smartphone? A. Yes. You can use the PayrollOrg Bookshelf on your computer, laptop, tablet, and smartphone. This makes it very easy to access whether you are in the office or working from a different location, such as an offsite meeting or home office. Be advised that you cannot use the PayrollOrg Bookshelf on more than two devices at the same time. Otherwise, the system thinks multiple users are trying to access it and will lock you out when you try to access it from a third device. Q. Can I add an icon for the PayrollOrg Bookshelf to my smartphone’s home screen? A. Yes. To make the PayrollOrg Bookshelf readily viewable and accessible from your mobile phone, you can add an icon. For an iPhone, open the Safari browser and enter bookshelf.payroll.org in the address bar. Touch the Action Key at the bottom of the screen (square icon with the arrow). The “Add to Home Screen” button will create a shortcut on your home screen. Pressing the “Add to Home Screen” button also allows you to name your shortcut. The process for adding an icon for an Android smartphone is very similar. PRINTING Q. Can I print from the online publications? A. Yes. You can print directly from the e-reader, or you can download and print certain publications, including The Payroll Source® study guide version, Payroll Practice Fundamentals, Guide to Local Payroll Taxes, Guide to Federal and State Garnishment Laws, Guide to Federal and State Wage &Hour Laws, Payroll Currently, and PayState Update. For more information about printing, see the How to Use the Bookshelf guide at https://bookshelf.payroll.org/help/.
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